Born in France in 1994, in a rural area called Britanny, I've been enjoying windsurfing, running and fishing most of my childhood.

During middle school, I've started developing websites for fun with a friend. I've never stopped since then !

In 2015, while traveling Japan, I met a fellow French developer and we started to work together on WordPress plugins, I discovered the pleasure of actually helping users, the pleasure of solving problems, and also, I fell in love with Japan.

That's why, in 2017, right after graduating university, I moved in Tokyo, where I am still living today. My passions are photography, traveling around Japan, and of course, creating websites !

I believe that my best quality is my ability to listen to others, I'm always trying to learn new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking. And that's why I love being a developer in the end, this endless journey to become a more robust, more skilled developer.