Javascript Frameworks

I've been using Javascript Framework for more than 4 years now. I've started with Angular, and then moved on Vue 3 years ago, I fell deeply in love with Vue and used it for most of my projects, but recently, I've started learning React as well.


I strongly believe that as a Front-End developer, the most important languages to master are HTML and CSS. That's why I'm always trying to catch up with the latest features of HTML5 and CSS3 (Flexbox,Grid Layout,BEM..).

NodeJS & MongoDB

Even though I define myself as a front-end developer, I have some notions with NodeJS and MongoDB because I like being able to create web-apps from A-to-Z all by myself.


I have started being involved in the open-source community with WordPress in 2016, when I've started developing plugins and themes for WordPress. After all these years, I think I have aquired a deep understanding of this CMS.


I have a strong experience of using Git to manage my projects, but also of SVN thanks to the WordPress repository.



Right now I'm mostly using Windows and Linux, but before that, I used MacOS for 3 years, I feel at home on any of these OS, even though I really enjoy Windows 10 and the Linux Subsystem.

UI Design

When I was on MacOS, I used a lot Sketch, but after moving on Windows, I discovered Figma that I've been using since.

Adobe Suite

As an amateur photographer, and as a front-end developer I've used Photoshop and Lightroom as well as Illustrator.



I've been working in an english-speaking environment for the last 3 years. TOEIC 950.


French is my native language, and a language that I love!


My Japanese level is conversational, one of my biggest regret is that I've never had the chance to go to a Japanese School so far, so I've only be able to practice with my friends. But I'm studying every day this language that I find fascinating and that I would love to master in the future.


I've studied Spanish for 6 years during middle-school and high-school.


Team Work

I enjoy working in a team because I find it more satisfying to achieve goals when I can share it with other people.